Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pictures of the Blizzard of 2006!!!!!

Everyone has requested to see the snow here in Denver. Well, this is the first snow fall. It is much higher now. Here is Savannah & Victoria (my granddaughter) getting out before it hit again. Look how high it is....Savannah is so excited!
YIKES!!!! I had to get out of the way....Savannah and Victoria are getting ready for a snow fight!
Victoria decided to hide under the snow...rather than on top of it:) hahaha! Be sure and check out the slide show to the left....You will see many more :-) BTW...I am still trying to find the memory card from Christmas :-( of the teenagers took it out of the camera to update their myspace!!!! UGH!!! When I went to download the pictures...I found a different memory card and no one wants to take the blame for the old one missing...TEENAGERS!!!!

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Saad Amir said...

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