Friday, April 11, 2008

Yeah!!! The link is up to order my book!!!!

Hi everyone! My dear friend Janey called the other day. She always knows when something is not quite right...especially if I don't call her or write within a week or two. Thank you Janey for always being there :) When she called it reminded me that I haven't showed you all her book! It is a great book! You can find more about it at Heaven Help Me Raise These Children. Also, I wanted to say thanks to all of you and I am so sorry I haven't posted like I have promised! Once again I came down with something yucky:P The poor doctors at Boulder Medical Urgent Care! All I have to say is "Thanks for putting up with me for four days!" I am feeling much better now :) My lipids levels(from my blood) are still high...but they are lower than they were:) Please pray for me as I see another blood specialist in May. Also....the word is out....YES! I had another heart surgery March 23.....once again another stint :( now I have 5 stints...I am okay now and trying to take it easy. As I looked at the last face still looks a little pale...and my hair looks horrible! lol
I think it's because of the medicine they gave me before they knocked me out! My friend Diane Maes said when they put you under (for surgery) the chemicals mess with your hair....obviously it did mine!!! hahahaha
Sara and I hope to be doing another post this week!!!! Good news!!!! The link is up to order my book!!!! Be sure and go to my site and go to my store! My book is Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child. You can buy Janey's book there too ;) Also, there are some other great writers and of course Susie McEntire Luchsingers CD's!!!
God bless you guys and stay tuned!
Diana Joy

Susie McEntire Luchsingers CD

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