Monday, March 19, 2007

Hurry Grandma Hurry!!!

Yes! It is over 70 here! So, once again it is time for Grandma to take the kids to the park for some big time fun =) I don't know who had more fun....
the kids.....
Or their grandma! hehehehehe!
Here I am with Elijah on the top of the monkey bars.....

James didn't look as happy to be so far up...lolHere is a poem that Savannah gave me just the other day. I thought it would fit for our wonderful weekend!

Hurry Grandma Hurry

Hurry Grandma hurry.
Grandma look at me,
I'm right side up, I'm upside down,
I'm swinging from a tree.
I'm jumping like a squirrel,
I think that I can fly-
Grandma please don't worry,
Grandma please don't cry....
Hurry Grandma hurry,
see what I can do,
I'm roller-skating backwards
across the avenue.
Here's a luscious little bug,
I think I'll take a bite-
Grandma stop your screaming,
everything's all right...

Grandma hurry, Grandma watch me please,
I'm climbing up a ladder,
I'm dangling by my knees.
I found this giant spider
that was stuck in gobs of paint,
Grandma take a closer look-
whatever made you faint? I hope you all enjoyed our pictures! I have some big news to post tommorrow...
Here's a hint....
We are going to have a new member in the Albertsen household....
Stay tuned.....

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Anonymous said...

"I LOve This Poem I All Ready Memorize This Thing On My Head"