Saturday, March 03, 2007

"One more broken heart"

Today is Saturday and it is time for me to reflect on my week. I am forced to look back on what I have accomplished and what I have yet to do. This morning I was attempting to blog. Yet, nothing was coming to my mind. So, naturally I assumed there would be no post. As I sat checking my mail and one e-mail stood out. It was sent by an old friend. The words were, "Are you still writing?" That's it! Just those four words!!! So, to you my friend the answer is, “No”. Life got so busy that the commitment I made to God was forgotten. Yes, the book is written...but, the process of editing another chapter had not happened. (Once again I came up with reasons why I couldn’t take time away). Thanks for reminding me what I need today.
I also need to confess that this morning (before I answered my mail) I turned on my music and started to catch up on the lives of all my fellow bloggers.. As the music began I was expecting to hear "Reba" or "Susie Luchsinger" (Reba's sister)...But, the band, "Point Of Grace" was playing. I don't recall when it was put in the disk player. It is obvious God sure did! all....I will work today on my book:)
Here is the song.....

By Point Of Grace

I see people merely existing
I see vacant eyes full of pain
Lives broken and abused
Hiding hearts scarred and stained

As long as there's one more broken heart
One more crying soul, I'll go
And I will love them, Jesus
As long as there's one more needing You
One more I can show Your love
As long as there's one more broken heart

Could it be that I could make a difference
If I care the way You care for me?
When they look into my eyes
Let it be Your eyes they see


Let me show them that You love them
Won't You help me bring them in?
Lord, I promise You again...


One more broken heart
One more broken heart
One more broken heart

As I came to the conclusion of this post, I received an e-mail from an unknown young woman. She shared with me her heart wrenching story. I stopped and prayed for her safety and for her to know that she is loved unconditionally. Then I whispered, “Okay God! I got it!”

Due to privacy....I will not expose her name (or her story)....
I just want to let her know that I care!
But, most of all God cares! He feels your pain!
Feel free to continue to e-mail me.
I dedicate this song to you new friend.....

By Point Of Grace

She had her father's blue eyes
He left home before she arrived
Mama named her Grace
Just getting by on their own
When Grace was 15 she ran from home
One December day
Grace is lost and alone in a world as cold as stone
God is counting on us to reach her with His love

It's all about saving Grace
All about living love
Being Jesus to those He came to save
Sharing life and giving our own away
it's all about serving God
All about saving Grace
She never darkened the door of any church
She would say, "What one there would care for me" We have to go where she lives Simply show her who Jesus is Watch Him set her free For grace flows down from above and faith requires a selfless love For a world that's dying to see the hope in you in me


There are countless millions just like Grace Who need a merciful embrace They won't believe our God is real Until they feel His touch

God loves you my dear. I know sometimes you may feel like you are alone....
You will never be! It’s Gods promise.....

“God comforts us in all afflictions so that we may be able to comfort them which are in trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God”
2 Corinthians 1: 3-4

God bless!
Diana Joy Albertsen

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