Sunday, May 06, 2007

I found Alyssa's blog! Here is her first post:)

I've tried writing and rewriting over and over again how to start this but I keep finding myself pressing the backspace button. I can't seem to find any words to express how I feel about this.Its caught somewhere between confusion, anger, and sadness.I've always wanted to make a difference and find a way to change the world. I read the book First They Killed My Father, seen the movies Invisible Children, Hotel Rwanda, and many others. I've also looked up pictures like the ones throughout this blog [all pictures credit to Maciej Dakowicz.] and one question continues to scream in my mind: "Why?"
Why must they be born into a world of poverty and pain?
Why should they be raised in an orphanage without parents and some without brothers or sisters?
Why should they fight everyday for peace?
Why must they suffer?
So, I decided that I was finally going to do something about it. I've finally figured out how. This summer I'm working on having a HUGE bake sale. My best friends from my school are helping me make food. My friends from other schools are also not only making food they are spreading the word. One of my friends, Nicole is even having her own bake sale to raise money. All the money that I earn for this bake sale will be going to an organization called Orphans First. I'm so excited for this. I've been looking forward to it for a long time now. I hope it all works out.

For those of you who have visited my mom's blog and seen my writing about a young boy named Ry Ra. Yes, I wrote that story all by myself. Yes, I based it on a real little boy. No, I never knew the little boy. I got the story from a few photographs. One of them is shown on the left, he's the little boy standing up catching rain water in the bottle to drink.

The only thing I knew about this little boy when I wrote that story was:
His name is Ry Ra.
He was five-years-old when the picture was taken. [I believe it was taken in '05 or '06.]
He had a problem with his hips and pelvis and due to this, he was unable to walk properly.
If he lived in a country like America, he'd be able to have the surgery and walk normally.He lives[lived?] in an orphanage in Cambodia.

The rest of the story was made up by me.I didn't choose Ry Ra for any special reason other then that he was just one of the millions of children who live in poverty around the world.

One of the many children that deserve more.

Here is Alyssa's blog! hehehehe!

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