Monday, July 14, 2008

My baby brother is here!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
It has been so crazy here this summer! I have met so many people and have had the opportunity to share my story with them! I am already being scheduled for speaking. I am also scheduled to be interviewed (both tv & radio) in LA & NYC. I will also be speaking on a cruise on Feb. 12th 2008! My husband was so happy to hear that he could travel with me on a cruise! It will be our first vacation together alone in 15 years!
I caught up with Susie McEntire Luchsinger 2 weeks ago in Brush Colorado. It was a couple of hours before her concert. After all the e-mails over the last 2 years it was nice to finally sit and chat with her. Her new songs are so inspiring that I can't wait for her new cd!!! Once again people, go to her site
Speaking of my little brother....I don't think I had a chance to tell you all he is here in Denver and is wanting to get involved in raising money for safe houses for children. We finally are together after 30 years!!!! I was so afraid to meet him for the first time. All I kept thinking was, "Does he still have blond hair? Oh God! Please don't let me cry! Lord help me recognize my baby brother and not make a fool out of myself by running up to some random person!" It was 1:00 am when we finally found each other and yes! I cried like a baby as he held me!!! I couldn't believe my once baby brother was much taller than me!!! I know the next question you are all wondering is, "Has he read the book?" He has read the book and is ready to hit the road to market it. I leave for NYC on August 8, and from there I will be going to LA to do a Television/Radio interview on November 14th-16th! God is so good! I have been sick and have had no time to set up appointments and God is making sure that I know He is right by my side guiding me each step of the way. Each time I speak, I feel Him standing beside me! I am surprised with the response people are having....including my own family! I no longer feel like I am all alone telling my story....when I go to write or answer the e-mails it is so reassuring to know that my younger brother is not afraid to stand with me and speak so that unseen children will be seen. I have been trying to upload a picture of my younger brother, but, blogger is not working. I will try again soon :)
God bless,
Diana Joy

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