Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child is almost here!!!!

Okay guys....I've received so many e-mails inviting me to speak about the book! I am soooo excited that I can hardly sit still! The book comes out in just 2 weeks!!!! And this seems to be the longest 2 weeks of my life :p I can't wait until those who have ordered my book have it in there hands!!! I feel like I could stand on a mountain and yell to a nation that there is hope and healing through the words written throughout these pages! Tears come to my eyes as I realize it is finished and I have nothing to be ashamed of!! I will now not only stand up and speak for me, but for all the children and adults who are victims of abuse!!! As I write, I see all the faces of the children who are waiting for you all to read the words that they have kept hidden in their hearts. Please don't think that if you buy this book it is for just is for all the children who have been unseen for so long...sitting in the shadows of life....waiting for someone to see them! I am asking you to order a book...if not for it for a loved one or a friend....
As I sat talking to my brother last night I realized that from this time forward we will no longer live as strangers...but, now (after over 30 years) we will live as brother and sister! If this book brought us together after all these years, imagine what it can do for so many more lost and broken families!!!
My younger brother, Sara and I are already getting prepared for the next year. We have a very busy 6 months ahead of us. We have meetings this week and next with organizations and sponsors. Then the speaking begins and book signings. To slow things down a bit my family and I leave for New York City August 7th through the 14th. I can't wait to see my in laws!!! They live in Queens.
While I am there I will be meeting with some women from NAFE. NAFE stands for National Association For Female Executives. It is an awesome organization and a honor to be asked to speak with some of the women who make NAFE so successful. Go to their site: This is a great way to network ladies!!
Also, while I am in NYC I have been given the invitation to tour HBO studio's. I have always wondered how HBO works....I guess I will find out in just a few weeks. I look forward to getting to know the nice woman who invited me :) Thanks Aidah! She contacted me through the program "Linkin". She has worked with HBO for 10 years and from our phone conversation and e-mails she has a heart full of compassion for the unseen children.
Last week my brother, Sara and I met with the wonderful women from "" I gave the Marketing Director the book after the meeting and she called me a couple of days later letting me know how much it has changed her life. Also, she said, "We definitely need to buy stock in Kleenex!" lol Be sure and check out their site: Especially this fall because I will be the woman of the month :o)
This fall I will be flying to LA for a television (& radio) interview by "An Empowered Woman, Inc."
I look forward to traveling to the west coast and walking along the beach :))) God is an awesome God! It seems like my world is opening up for the first time in so many years! Please go to and hear the stories from some of the women who have over come some amazing obstacle's and have become successful.
Okay...My younger brother wanted me to tell you that I have been asked to speak on the Carnival Cruise Feb. 12th for four nights and five days. The Cruise is to Mexico. I was invited by the Women's Business Link Check out their site: Husbands and significant others are also invited.....
I was going to wait until I had an itinerary put on my site...but, I couldn't wait! I am counting the days until we go because this will be the first time my husband and I have had alone time together (without kids) in over twenty years! I think it is awesome that it will be Valentines week!!!
My kids want to watch a movie, so it is time to say goodbye :)
Thank you all for your prayers and always standing by my side through the toughest of times. So many of you have never even met me in person....but, some where deep inside I know that it won't be long before we see each other face to face :))) I will be scheduling book signings soon!!!
God bless!
Diana Joy
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