Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm back!!!! And boy does it feel good!!!!

Watch out world! I'm back to blogging again! It feels great to be on blogger. It's been too long. I have to confess, I went to fb and got addicted :p But, lately I have found myself wanting to say more than a sentence or two. Now that I am writing my second book, speaking with screenwriters from L.A. and NYC...I find myself reflecting on my past...and with that...I am forced to run back to blogger and write away! lol
Here is the latest event that is coming up on September 26th @ 1:00pm. Please read the flier and pass it along :) If you are not in my area print out this flier and go to your local Borders Book store and tell them you want me to come to your town :) Or on September 26th call Borders and tell them you want me to be in your town the following weekend! lol
I want to thank you all for helping me through some very tough times. You were always there when I was down, ill, or just wanted to rant...
I hope to find some time to be on here more...I think I will wander around to my friends and say"HI".
Diana Joy

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