Thursday, January 21, 2010

We need to stop the cycle of abuse!

Female Friendly Businesses and Diana Joy Albertsen on Child Abuse - The best video clips are here

The Unseen Child Foundation's Mission Statement:
To stop the cycle of abuse through raising awareness of all forms of child abuse; through community involvement such as education, mentoring, life skills training and advocates for youth we will stop the cycle of abuse and make the world a safe place for children of many generations to come. Which also includes: financially supporting safe houses, mentoring programs and other services that would otherwise close due to funding.

Help me speak in the prisons, churches and Universities to educate society on child abuse. We need to make people aware of all types of abuse that is happening behind closed doors so that the cycle of abuse can come to an end.

I can't do it alone.....

God bless!

Diana Joy

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