Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween for the Littlest grandkids!!

Here are the Little ones! They were so active it was exhausting...but, wonderful!!!
Elyjah is "Stitch"...(From the cartoon "Lilo and Stitch"). He yells, "Look Grandma! This is a big piece of candy! ...Can I eat it now??" Josiah is Rolly..(from the cartoon "Rolly Polly"). He is thinking.."What are we doing? Is this going to take all day?" LOL haha!
Dumbo..(James) said, "Bag this...I'm going shoot some hoops!!" Can you tell he has a low attention span?..LOL His dad (Michah) was sooo proud. I just had to get this picture...hehehe
"Watch out Josiah!!" Elyjah is going to hit ya Bud!!! Quick...RUN!!!

Dano (Danielle, my oldest daughter) wanted a picture too...So, here she is with Josiah and the baby Poppy (James). Don't ya think Josiah is thinking, "Okay mom...Do I have to do this again?!" WHEW!! What an exhausting day for the twins! Poor Elijah...

Josiah just couldn't make it home without a "cat nap"...or should I say a "Rolly Polly" nap! I say, "Thank God for such a wonderful memory!...But, thank God this day is almost over...." I hope you all enjoyed this day just almost as much as we did....

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