Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yes! I'm still alive!!!

Hi Everyone!!!
I have missed you all soooo much. Yes...I am still sick.... I finally saw a surgeon Tuesday. She found the source of all my pain and I will be going to her for shots until she is able to get me in for surgery. I went to my cardiologist on Monday and she sent me to her friend right away. Of course her friend is a surgeon. So...I had a chance to talk with her about my pain and all the while I kept interrupting her saying, "They found nothing on the tests and so maybe there isn't any reason to be here". She finally said, "Diana, there is something wrong with you...I just need to run a few tests to get the answer". Well, she touched my stomach and I screamed, "No! Don't touch me!" I didn't mean to yell....but, I was so afraid of anyone else touching me! I was in more pain after all the tests in the hospital. I was convinced that she would send me home in more pain than when I came in. And if that was the case there would never survive!! Or so I thought...I know...a little on the dramatic side! LOL But, it really hurt!! So anyway, this Doctor was awesome!!!! I don't trust many Doctors. Actually there is a total of 3 that I really trust with my life. One is my family pratictioner and one is my cardiologist. The other one is of course my therapist!! LOL Or should I say...Was my therapist. I haven't seen her in such a long time. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. This Doctor was able to inject some L------(I have no idea what it was). She shot it in my hip and the pain was finally gone. Atleast for 24 hours. She told me that the pain was due to my last major surgery. Not my heart attack..but, my hernia surgery. There is pinched nerves in my pelvic area are not going to believe this...When they did the hernia surgery they never repaired the hernia!!!!! I know! I couldn't believe it either!!!!! I may still have the hernia!!! OMGosh!!! Well, I will be going back tomorrow to get a shot and sum up the treatment plan. I go in to the hospital on Monday to get another ultra sound. And hopefully fit in another shot. Then we will decide when to schedule surgery next week. This entire week I have been thinking of my friend 4 what its worth. I have been whining about my aches and pains. Yet, I have been able to see one Doctor after another. Yet, 4 what its worth has waited for soooo long to get in for surgery. I'm so sorry my friend. I will be praying that your day comes soon!! Once again we are so spoiled by being in America that we often complain, yet when so many would wait days or even weeks in the hospital if it meant they could get the medical care they need. Instead, I whine about just 6 hours. So...while I am sitting in the waiting room (or in the hospital) I will definitely bite my toung and just be thankful that I have insurance and a Doctor. I am beginning to babble so I think I will say goodnight...The pain medication is definitely kicking in.....zzzzzzzzzzz

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