Monday, October 02, 2006

What does this picture mean to you?

I came home tonight and found the house a total disaster!!! I was soooo angry! I turned to my middle child and said, "Why didn't your clean the house?...(I then paused & took a deep breath)...You had 4 hours!" The response I got was,"Okay mom, let's not get irrational now". I hate when they use my lingo against me! So, like usual I grounded them and put them all to bed at 8:00. Yes! Now I have the computer to myself! Once again I received a cute little note from my special little friend...Diane:) It sure fit for my situation. So, I say,"I need patience Lord!! RIGHT NOW LORD!!!!!!! haaha lol Thanks Diane:D

This picture can mean many things. This picture reminds me that everyone has a little child inside them. Please share what this picture means to you.....

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