Saturday, February 10, 2007

The sun is shining and so am I !!!

My computer keeps freezing! I wanted to share some of what is going on with me (in the last post). Here is the verse that inspired the last post (Dedication to Gale). "Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him to help you do it, and he will."(Psalm 37:5)
I want everyone to know that I am now working on the book on Tues. & Wed. I feel that a big part of me is healing.
Either blogger isn't working today or it is my system. Because my posts are not getting published.
Also, I can't download any wonderful pictures :( I will try again later...
I have missed everyone sooooo much! Savannah and I are going out to the movies for some mother and daughter time :)
It amazes me how working on the book is once again helping me heal. Thank you for all your prayers!!! BTW 4 what its worth! Thank you for your support and for mentioning me in your last post:) It was so helpful to see what I was actually doing...hiding from my fears..and my pain. I had lost the meaning of who I was writing for and why....You always seem to uplift others despite the pain you are going through. Please know that I pray for you daily:) I know I haven't been very supportive lately....I'm sorry for that. Now that I have adjusted to the long hours at work, I should be able to reach out to others :) And support them :)
I have to introduce you all to my new friends from China. Vicky and Joey have been writing me for some time. It has been such a joy to know that someone sooooo far away has been able to teach me so much. I can't seem to find the links and add them to my blog...perhaps later...
Work is going great. I am definitely learning what it is like to work in a large office with a ton of people. I must say that life is never boring:D I believe that going to work was just what I needed to inspire me to write again. Everyone is so supportive! The sun is shining here in Denver! Just as the earth starts to bloom, I feel a part of me coming back to life. God is an awesome God! Thanks so much for staying faithful to my blog and me :)
Let's see if this post actually gets published....
God bless you all!
Please pray for a fellow blogger? I just want her to know that I am sorry for being so busy and not posting much lately. I do not want to offend anyone. My goal is just like other share what is happening in my life...The good and the bad. I never want to appear selfish or not caring....Please forgive me :)
Bye for now...
Let's see if this get's published...hehehe

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