Friday, April 27, 2007

Bring your daughter to work day!!!

Yesterday was "Bring your child to work day". So, naturally Savannah announced that it was her turn to go. I am so thankful that my boss said that it was fine :)
Here she is taking over her new job as Division Assistant....

Doesn't she look like a proffessional?! My baby girl is "all grown up".

I wanted to tell you all that I am so sorry I haven't posted this week. I was talking with my friend the other day and we were adding up stresses in my life....
All I have to say is, "It doesn't look good!" But, it amazes me that everything I experience through the week is another post that I could write about....
If I just had the time!
With each new experience, I find myself saying "Oh! I am going to post about this tonight." Unfortunately, I am so tired by the time I get home from work that unless I post at work....there won't be a post:(
But, since this was about work I felt that it was very appropriate to post this at work! hehehehehe! Savannah's day at work is one that I will treasure for life!!!
Much love until next time!

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