Friday, April 13, 2007

Yeah! It's party time at Grandma's!!!!

It's party time at Grandma's!!!
So I ask you, "Does he look scary?" Some of the kids thought so at first. It was James 2nd birthday and we decided to make it special by hiring a clown. I thought I would share with you our fun day! It was only a short time and the kids wanted to see who this new friend was....

Josiah was one of the first to jump up and get his face done =) My oh my! What a brave boy!

One would think he was getting his tooth pulled! lol

"Look at me Grandma! I'm a puppy! Just like Buddy! (our dog) hahahaha!
Alyanna (granddaughter) was too shy to get her face painted....Okay...who's next?

Gabryel couldn't wait! He hopped up and wanted to be a clown....He kinda looks like one...don't ya think? hehehehehe

Josh yells, "Look at me! I'm spider man!" All I could do was agree.....

Savannah wanted to look like our cat "Princess". She does look like a "Princess"...

Not James.....He wanted nothing to do with this entire game! Micah couldn't keep him in the chair! hahahahahaha! Party pooper!

Not Elyjah! "Guess what I am grandma?" Can anyone guess? hehehehe

So the day continued and the clown had everyones attention.....James was so excited he could hardly sit down =)

The girls got cleaned up and had to end the party looking pretty!

I hope you all enjoyed our party??!! We sure did! hehehehehe

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