Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Have Been Blessed!!!!!!

Last night I went to a dinner party for work. It was a wonderful party....
But, as I left I found myself missing something. I couldn't figure out what the "something" was until today. Well, this morning I have come to the conclusion that life (for me & my husband) is all about my family! That's it! My children bring so much joy that I could scream from the roof tops "THANK YOU LORD!!!! I know that is a little dramatic...but, if you knew could happen! hahahahaha!
The Lord, my husband, children and grandchildren (young & old) make me complete! As I thought of something to blog about today, I found myself sorting out all the MANY pictures of my children....(and thinking of all the parties I have been to recently without a camera..hehehe!) Okay! Then I was reminded of how many people get bored with parents who show a ton of pictures of their children... However, I just want you all to note that I could sit for hours looking at anyones pictures :)
When I went to the party last night I found myself running to the wall of pictures on my friends wall. Throughout the night I kept coming back to them just to capture the joy in their eyes. My daughter Alyssa wants to be a photographer. I have always told her that a simple picture freezes a time in a persons life that no one can ever create again.
To make this short, I have to come to the conclusion that God has blessed me with a wonderful family and to not share that with others would be wrong. I was watching a interview with Martina McBride and she said just that! When God blesses you with something....your whole worlds revolves around that gift. She continued to talk about how she feels it is wrong to not share your joy with others....Martina said that it is important to share with others what God has blessed you with...and for me it's my family!
So, today here is a video of Martina McBride singing "I Have Been Blessed"......

I Have Been Blessed

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