Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm back!!! I had a wonderful time in New York City!
My mother-in-law is recovering wonderfully from her heart surgery. God gave me an opportunity to sit with her and catch up on the years we have been apart:) And for that I am very thankful!!!

Also, I cannot tell you how great it was to meet so many new people!!!
On Friday (the day after I arrived) I met Aidah. She took me on a tour of HBO Studio's and introduced me to such nice people. Then we talked for hours over a wonderful lunch :p I was so happy when she said she wanted me to come back the following Wednesday!!! We had so much fun! HBO is lucky to have such a special person working for them and I am blessed to have her as my friend :) Thanks Aidah for everything!

I want to say thanks to L. Renée Mitchell for taking me out to eat too :P mmmm! Okay..I hope you all get the picture here...the food in New York City is yummy!!!lol
Renée is the Assistant Vice President at The Dreyfus Corporation located in Grand Central Station. She is such a sweet person. Within the first few minutes of meeting her I could see such compassion in her eyes. As she spoke I could also hear her strong faith in God! We had so much fun talking. And let me tell you...that girl can laugh! lol I'm sure we sounded like two young school girls laughing in the cafe that afternoon! lol I look forward to getting together again soon!

I wanted to let you all know that a lot of the people I met in New York City are members of NAFE (National Association for Female Executives). Ladies! If you don't belong to NAFE...YOU HAVE TO! It is a great way to network and be seen :)

I also want to let you know that I can't even count how many times I got lost :o)
The subway is sooooo confusing. I must say though that I loved it when people came on the train to sing. I don't have any actual pictures or video's of them...but, someone sent me this video. This will give you an idea of how life is in NYC...

I hope you enjoyed the video :)))
Until the next post...((BIG HUGS))
Diana Joy

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