Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am honored by this review!!!! I have meetings and tours next week....but, this is someone who puts kids first..what do you think?

Dearest Diana, much is going on within me right now after finishing your book. I am running the gamut of emotions from anger to optimism, from a hallowed ache in my middle to elation that you have transcended. Everything is swirling around right now because I feel as if I were there with you at the motel and in the woods, in the car, to getting the candy bar. Your book is so intimate that you can't help but find yourself in it. It is truly a remarkable piece that needs to be heard. I am extremely blessed to have you enter my life by a stroke of divine intervention. There are no mistakes, and I thank you for giving me the honor to take part in your world. I have to read it again...just because! I am so proud of you that you have the strength to share your story so that others can be seen, and know that they are not alone. Like I said the other night you have been blessed with the knowledge that you are bigger than the obstacles that were put in your path.

As far as what I feel this can become in terms of a visual medium, my gut is telling me a film. A raw account of your story that can have a life visually to also help and inspire the world around us. It can and should be done. I feel such a connection to the piece, and will help you in any way possible to get this seen. LOOKING THROGH THE EYES OF AN UNSEEN CHILD is a film.

The work you do today, aside from the book, I feel would be a great documentary raising awareness of the abuse that causes so many to feel unseen, and without voice. They could be a phenomenal 2,3, after the astounding piece that is your book.
Well my new friend, I think of you tonight, and send you my thoughts and prayers. You make this world a better place, please know this! I will talk to you tomorrow.
James Patric

Please continue to pray that this project is not about success, but the Unseen Children!!! James Patric doesn't speak about success. I truly see his compassion for the Unseen Children! Pray! Pray! For the right company and for the book to get into the hands of the children & adults who need the words to know that they are not the only unseen. Also, pray that this project is protected by the ones who are committed to the children!!!

Diana Joy

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