Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guess what guys? The "Reba" show is back on!!!!

I just thought I would drop you all a note to remind you that my favorite sitcom "Reba" is back on!!! I'm sooooo excited! I will check in with you all after the show....BTW..the dedication to Reba was great...although, I was hoping that her sister Susie Luchsinger was sitting with her....All in was a lovely and relaxing evening...Hey 4!...I just want to say..It's almost time for the surgery:) I can't wait!!! Don't be's going to be God and know that it is finally time for you to heal... Neurotic mom! hehehe! I needed to drop you a will love the dedication to Reba:) Nada! Good luck with your exams!!! Don't be nervous...I just know you are going to do fine:) Wow! Jo! It's sooo nice of you to stop by:) I will pay you a visit this evening...I definitely need to see what is going on in your life...Okay to go:D I will chat later....Expect me to do my rounds and say "Hi" to all my blogger friends this evening...:) :) :D

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