Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, despite all the fighting...we had a wonderful Thanksgiving :-) hahahaha! We had 30 for the dinner! I wish I could take credit for all the hard work...but Dano did most of the cooking:-p Then Friday we did the usual Christmas shopping. I was surprised to find out that there wasn't much of a crowd. So, I have come to the conclusion that it must be because most families are like us...poor!!! ....and probably need to stick tightly to a budget. I don't know about you, but for all of my friends and family money seems less than usual. I was so shocked to look at my check book and realize that we just don't have the freedom that we did last year. So, this year we are going to make a list before buying. We have high hopes of cutting down on impulsive shopping. I would give you Santa's list...but, I know some of my teens are going to take a peak at the blog...(atleast until Christmas). Hahahaha! I need to prepare you for the next post. Grandma took a ton of pictures :-) We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday & the decorations on Sunday. The men went to the movies while Dano and I struggled to get the children under control. The excitement was just too much for them! Dano attempted to sit them all down and explain the true meaning of Christmas. She informed them that they would get a few presents this year because Christmas is about giving...not recieving. As they all sat cross legged in a circle Savannah yelled, "Dano, Gabryel is telling the kids that it's okay that you aren't going to give them much for Christmas....He said that Santa & Grandma are the only people that REALLY give us the big that true?" We all laughed! BTW We also lost a few Christmas bulbs (Elyjah just couldn't resist the opportunity to throw a few at his twin!). And then no one noticed when Dano and I moved the decoration from the lower limbs to the higher branches... (it was only after the kids went down for a nap...Hehehehe!) I hope to have the pictures posted tomorrow..... So..Goodbye for now ;-) FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR THANKSGIVING WITH ME....

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