Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet my special friend...

Hi! Today is a day filled with so many emotions. I'm exhausted!
WHEW! As I sit down after a long day of work I realize how thankful I am for my friends. My dear friend and co-worker Diane Maes has been running around delivering manuscripts to all potential sponsors. I don't know how anything would get done without the wonderful women committed to bringing this book to the finish line. Enough from are a few words from Diane!

Diana Joy

I am commited to keeping Diana organized!! My Goodness...what a job!! LOL I have realized that God has requested me to support Diana and remind her that no matter how painful life can be...we must continue to let God lead the way.

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Neurotic Mom said...

Hi Diane, make sure Diana keeps working, she gets sidetracked easily LOL