Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thanks Lise!

Take a peek! Here are a few powerful words from the book!

This is an opportunity to read an excerpt from “Looking Through The Eyes Of An Unseen Child”. Here is a poem from a brave woman that now has a desire to be seen. Please note that every picture, poem, or journal on this blog is done by trembling hands. It takes a lot of courage to allow the world to see the memories and emotions that most victims of child abuse keep bottled deep inside. See Lise and allow yourself to see what most of society turns away from. Don’t be another person to close your eyes!!

Dear Lise,
It is an honor to know you! Remember, God has felt your pain and will carry you through these difficult steps! The deepest pain will produce the deepest joy! I am here and will always remind you of how strong you are....
Also...how strong God is!
God Bless you!
Diana Joy

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