Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I see dumb people....

So true! I cannot believe I forgot Jury duty!!! Actually I didn't forget... I just had a "dumb moment!!" I took off Thursday (for what I thought was jury duty). Well, of course it wasn't!!! Yesterday (August 29) was and I missed it!! I need to ask you all, "WHAT HAPPEN'S WHEN YOU FORGET JURY DUTY????" I am one of those people who has to be on time for everything and I don't drink or smoke. I don't have high expectations on anyone else...just myself. Yea...Basically, I'm a pretty boring weird person! So, this is REALLY BAD FOR ME!!! I am totally freaked out!!! Please comment if you know the answer to this question???

BTW....WHAT HAPPENED??? I get home and run down to my computer and find no one!! Where are you guys??? What? Nobody get's on the computer on Wednesday??? I have missed blogging all day and no one even stopped by! Bummer!! Okay...well...I'm going to go have a drink!! I'll be back later....BTW...the drink is Diet Pepsi!! hehe LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi tootsie,
In Canada, you can receive a fine for failing to show up. You should contact the court office asap, explain and they'll likely just have you come on another day. Do it tomorrow though.
I have been out today...go check out my blog to see why....
I am home for the night now, you can email or message me.
luv ya!

Neurotic Mom said...

I asked hubby since he is american but he doesn't know. He did say contact them asap and explain to them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've not been around much lately - doesn't mean I've forgotten you or that there is any less moo love flying out in your direction *hugs* xxx

Diana Joy said...

Hi S!
It's all good:) I'm not going to jail!!!! hehehe I'm sure you already checked my new post:)
I was totally drained from my day and the kids yesterday! It was one of those pms days for the girls...ALL AT ONCE!!! OMGOSH!!! I thought Dave, Savannah, and I were going to move out!!! I was sooo glad to go to work!
Hopefully we can connect tonight?
Luv yah!

Diana Joy said...

Hey Lise!
Yep! I got it under control! Thanks for you support and for checking in by phone. BTW I'm thankful you were willing to come up with the bail $!! LOL
I'll call when I get home tonight:)
Love yah hon!

Diana Joy said...

MOO IS THAT REALLY YOU??? hahaha How's England?? No, I was just playin with you:) I know you have a life:) I was just dropping by your place to say, "Whatzzz up girl?" No big deal! But, I'm awfully glad you stop by:) You're awesome!!!
I know you love me:) hehehe
I luv u too:) !!!