Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's all about saving Grace....

YEAH! I finally have a minute to blog again!! How Fun! It's been sooo long since I have actually had time to just relax and chat with all my blogger friends. Since I do alot of driving with my job, I have the opportunity to listen to a ton of cds. Yesterday, I was finally sick of the same old cds and decided to listen to the radio. One of my favorite songs came on. It is called Grace. I absolutely need to share with you the memory behind it:) I hope this touches you (just as much as it has me:) Before I tell you this memory, I have to remind you that for about 20 years I have worked to help teens get off the streets. About 4 years ago I recieved a phone call in the middle of the night. The voice was familiar. It was one of my teen girls (from the streets) begging for me to pick her up. My heart pounded as she gave me the address. All I could think was, "Oh no, one of my girl's need me and my husband's at work! This meant me going to pick her up alone!!! She told me to meet her at the corner of a street that most people avoid at midnight. I pulled into the parking lot shaking as I searched for a small blond haired child. She was no where to be found! My heart pounded and I began to pray. "Dear Lord, Please protect this child! She is so young and has no idea the danger she has put herself in" ....Then I realized if she was in danger, I was too!!! Suddenly, I began to pray for us both!! As I sat low in my van, I noticed so many young girls walking the streets. There was adult men exchanging money (and most likely drugs) from slow moving cars. I turned the radio up as high as I could. Okay...when I'm nervous I sing! So guess what I did in this situation? I sang as loud as I could and was going to sing until I found my child! BTW My voice is what probably kept so many from coming to my van! LOL Anyway....the radio announcer said, "Here is a song called Grace". I thought, "Oh great! Here I am about to be killed and I am going to sing about giving grace!!!" As I listened to the words I realized what the writer was really trying to communicate. Grace is a child! As you read these words, please put yourself in an old minivan, waiting for an abandoned child, on a dark cold night.....
She had her father's blue eyes. He left home before she arrived. Mama named her Grace. Just getting by on their own. When Grace was 15 she ran from home. One December day Grace is lost and alone in a world as cold as stone. God is counting on us to reach her with His love(Chorus) It's all about saving grace All about living love Being Jesus to those he came to save. Sharing life and giving our own away. It's all about serving God. All about saving Grace. She'd never darken the door of any church. She would say, "What for... No one there would care for me". We have to go where she lives. Simply show her who Jesus is. Watch Him set her free. For grace flows down from above and faith requires a selfless love. For a world that's dying to see the hope in you in me. (Repeat Chorus) There are countless millions just like Grace. Who need a merciful embrace. They won't believe our God is real. Until they feel his touch (Repeat Chorus) It's all about saving grace. All about living love. Being Jesus to those he came to save. Sharing life and giving our own away... It's all about serving God... All about saving Grace!!! I finally found this young girl. But, this memory will stand out forever. This was the night when I realized that in order to save a street child, we need to meet them where they're at. We need to come to all the "Graces" in the world and not expect them to come to us!!! Up to this point my mission has always been to go to the streets and bring abandoned kids to our house. But, on that night I realized that to rescue them was impossible! Mainly, because it wouldn't be long before they ran back to the streets. Their safe place was their neighborhood. So, there ya go! This is how the Unseen Child Foundation came to be! This oraganization is raising money to build a safe houses for teens in downtown Denver:) I need to go deal with all of my kids...but, over the next few weeks I hope to explain more about what I do and how people can get involved:) Have a wonderful week!!! God Bless!


Anonymous said...

And I have thought since the first day we "met" each other, 'now there is a woman with grace'.
And on a funny note...have you seen the episode of Seinfeld where they discuss wether you can "have grace" or "are grace". It is too funny!
They are beautiful lyrics...and a powerful meaning behind them. We should all have a Grace moment in our lives to appeal to our hearts. There are many people out there who need to be rescued.
Luv ya sweetie!

Diana Joy said...

Thanks for the compliment:) I pray for grace! I have never seen that episode:( I just sent you a note!!!!!!!
2 great minds think a like:)
luv yah!!!

clayfuture said...

Wow.. it's a great responsibility with the kind of work that you do! God bless you!

Arab Lady said...

It’s really a noble mission …we have obligations toward our societies and childhood…after all its not their fault!! they would have been better than other kids if they were taken care of……

Life is harsh and no one has chosen his destiny …….in Egypt (I’m not Egyptian by the way ;) ) the problem of street kids is very very sever in time the government does nothing to offer safe shelters or decent future….most of them have no families or no documents to prove who there r

Harsh world!!!

BTW ur post on the 11th sep attacks was awesome and touching….!

Diana Joy said...

Hey clayfuture!
I tried to drop a note on your blog...But, I couldn't figure which one was yours? Is it a business?
I'm glad you dropped by! Can you fill me in on how to contact you:)
I'd like to say thanks on your blog!
Hope to talk to you soon?

Diana Joy said...

Hi Arab Lady!!!
I was hoping you would drop by again! is a harsh world! Perhaps we could look into having a safe house in your area of the world:) I would love to see the Unseen Child foundation touch children world wide:)
I will have a mega post on September 11 soon! Keep an eye out for it:)
You're not Egyptian? Do you mind me asking, "What are you?" Why is your title "Arab Lady?" Let's keep in touch okay?
Even if you can't answer the questions...I enjoy your company;)
I look forward to talking with you:)
Hang in there!

Becky, His grateful girl :) said...

Hey :) Just found your blog on accident...looking for mine! lol Anyway...Saving Grace, by POG is where I got the name for my ministry...Saving Grace :D We serve girls aging out of foster care or homeless 18-24.
Thanks for your awesome post....took me 6 years to find it lol Have an outrageously blessed week!
God's grateful girl,