Saturday, August 26, 2006

I thought this was very appropriate for my day!!! LOL I have to go to work soon and I thought I would post this comment my friend sent me awhile ago. BTW This friend is Neurotic Mom. So, I have been up all night dealing with the same old frustration that a ton of woman my age deal with....MENOPAUSE! So I say, "YUCK! BLAH! AUUUGGGHHH!!! And SOMEONE TURN ON A FAN!!" LOL I will post as soon as I get home:) And cool off that is!


Anonymous said...

You see, I take issue with the phrase "hot flash". There is nothing flashy about them. They are hot, draining, long and as inconvenient as they could get.
I prefer to refer to myself as being in the "summer season"...that way when a good and wicked thunderstorm comes out of my mouth, it's justified.
When all else fails, strip down to your unmentionables and find yourself an ice block to sit on. ( Who says God doesn't have a sense of humour!?)

Diana Joy said...

Hi S!
LOL hahaha!

It's a good thing He has a good sense of humor! I would never make it! LOL I hope your weekend is going better:) It is after 10 and I just got home. So...I'm going to catch up on some much needed zzzzzzzzz!!!!!
Let's chat after church?
Love ya hon!!!

Neurotic Mom said...

hahaha hide the matches

Diana Joy said...

Hi Lise!!
You're back!! hahahah
Yep! I hid the matches months ago!! LOL
Miss ya!
(((BIG HUG))))
Got to love me!!! LOL