Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm not going to jail!!! hehehe

YES!! My husband was wrong about Jury Duty and I was right! I had the day correct!! But, I didn't get called to come in because of a case I was on a year ago. So either way I wouldn't have gone. The bummer part is that I missed a day and so I didn't get the hours I needed this week. I thought this was appropriate for my hubby today:) LOL He didn't really make me mad...but, I thought it would be fun to post this anyway! hehehe Got to go! I hope your day is a good one:)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear, you're not up the creek....We'd have missed you!!!!

Neurotic Mom said...

haha men!

Unknown said...

Love that cute little caption!

I've never done jury duty, never will. One of the benefits of being a foreigner....

Anonymous said...

Cute! Your a nut! That says it all doesn't it! I'm going to post it in my pictures so I can see it when my hubby gets on my nerves! hehehe!

Neoma said...

haha, when doesn't my husband get on my nerves,.....I have a BIG bottle of aspirin......

Diana Joy said...

Hi S..
Nope I'll be here 4 ever! haha LOL

Diana Joy said...


Diana Joy said...

Long time no see:)
What has it entire week? LOL
You have been tagged dear:)
I'm coming over;)

Diana Joy said...

Well HELLO!!
Where ya been girl????
I miss yah!
Call me when you get a minute?? And...YOU'RE TAGGED GIRL!!!
Get to work!!
Love ya sis!!

Diana Joy said...

I buy them by the truck loads!!
hahaha LOL