Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As you can see, this has been an exhausting week! I have worked over 50 hours this week. I am determined to have enough money for the girls to go to High School. Yes! The summer is almost over!!! School is just a few days away. Actually 6 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes!! But, who's counting? LOL Are there any mothers out there who feel the same way? Feel free to comment!! My mothers guilt is already setting in. Atleast when my kids are in school I can catch up on my sleep! Also, I can get back to working on the book. It has been impossible to get anything done. See the picture below? This is how I have felt over the last few weeks! Can anyone relate??? Again...feel free to comment? I have been so overwhelmed that I had to stop everything! I couldn't even blog. So all of you out there who were wondering if I am still alive...YES!! I was just hiding! LOL Today, after working a few hours at Home Instead, I ran down to the computer in hopes to catch up on my blogging! This picture kept flashing before me! Has anybody ever felt this way?? Notice the look in my eyes and the panic in my face.....yes, and my hair!..Well, what can I say...It's been a long summer! The heat makes my hair frizz! LOL No seriously people...my hair looks much better when I'm not so tired! LOL I just want you all to know that I wasn't ignoring any of you..There are too many changes happening in my life. Please be patient with me? BTW Thanks for all the e-mails and phone calls! I can't believe even Karin called tonight! OH Man!! My daughter turned the ringer off!!! Karin, when you read this blog...please know I got your message and it was awesome to hear your voice! I love your German accent!!!! HOW FUN!! Please call back???

Lise...I know you're dying to comment...go ahead say it! LOL Sheila..sorry I missed you this week...let's touch base when your daughter is feeling better. Now to my little friend Sunshine!!! Let's keep in touch:D I am so excited to find out what God has planned for you! WOW Nicole! I go away for a week and you actually did a post on your blog!!! Way to go!! I will add you to my links!!! My dear friend Diane...I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult week...MEGA PRAYERS COMING YOUR WAY! To all the new blogger buddies...let's chat soon! If you read this blog Sara....sorry I have been soooo busy...I will call you tommorrow....Well people...stay tune for my next post. It will be a dedication to my daughter Ashley. She turned 16 on August 9. I know...I really need to get caught up on my blogging!!!!


Neurotic Mom said...

LOL FRECKLES you are such a nut

Neurotic Mom said...
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Karin said...

Diana dear - yes, of course I DID read your post and it's GREAT! I tried yesterday evening to message but for some stupid reason I couldn't get it going and so I decided to go ahead and give you a buzz!
TAKE IT EASY dear ... you're overdoing it and burning yourself out!! Take a time off inbetween - if you crash, it won't help anaone so ... PLEASE - EEEEEASY!! I think you're an absolute sweetheart, find your hair gorgeous and your dedication out of this world! Just please DO take care of yourself, Ok?
I'll call again ... promise!!

Anonymous said...

Not only have I felt that way, I regularly feel that way. I wonder how much a flashing neon sign would be? $$
It seems from your post that there are a lot of folks who are having struggles. I ache knowing just how much turmoil the world is in, and what turmoil it puts into each heart and soul.
I have decided that while 'daughter' is having her surgery, I will spend those few hours in the hospital chapel...sounds like more folks than just me could use it.

Diana Joy said...

Hi Lise!!!!!
I miss you soooo much! It seems like my life is missing something?? Oh Yeah! My special friend LISE:) I will call when I get home! I am going out with my son (Josiah) and my daughter (Dano) and of course their mates...
I will drop by later:)
((((BIG HUG))))

Diana Joy said...

I absolutely love your committment to people! I enjoyed our phone call...but, I didn't get your #??
Let's keep in touch!
Thanks for dropping by:)

God Bless,

Diana Joy said...

Where have you been chic???
I have stopped by and it seems as if my friend has disappeared???
Was I gone too long?? Did I miss anything? Cause I hate it when something fun is happening and I'm not invited:( LOL No....Really...
I Miss Yah Tons!
Stop by and let me know when you're on.
I noticed my chat board is gone?
I will have Denise fix it as soon as she get's a minute...
Let's talk soon:)
Love Yah!
Oh Yeah!!!
((((BIG BIG HUG))))

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie!
This mom thing is wearing me out. Daughter seems to have things together now. She is only a greenish/yellow on her face now, the swelling has dissipated.
We had court today...argh!!! I don't think I would have been satisfied with any judgment, but this will have to do.
I really want to hear your voice...I will try and call tonight once the revolving dinner is over. ( we have the 2 lads for dinner tonight..they're helping quark do some yardwork) You home tonight?!?!?

Diana Joy said...

I'm home tonight:) I came home early.....Do you want to chat? Actually...I think you're on my blog now!! LOL
E-mail me when you get a minute? LOL

Crazy in Colorado said...

Hey Diana! It sure sounds like things have been just crazy for you lately! I sure have missed our "chats" on email!
I still have so much to add to my blog but I've been swamped too - lol!!! (hopefully it will not take me too long to post again)


BTW - can I borrow the sign - lol!!!

Diana Joy said...

Hi Nicole!!!
You're sooo cute:)
Do you want the sign delivered by UPS or FEDEX? LOL hahaha
Yep...it is totally crazy!!
I miss your e-mails too!!!
Did you get the one I sent through your blog?
Let's chat soon:)