Monday, August 28, 2006

Share a smile!

I just recieved this:) Isn't this funny? LOL


Diane said...

This is Great!! HAHAHA!!! Miss you already!!

Anonymous said...

I love the gorilla's smile. After 5 days of no sleep, I do not feel much like smiling.
And quite frankly, I am feeling much like a gorilla.....

The Doctor said...

yup, charges not filed, but he's ont the way to california for child porn. Looks like it was planned by him if he ever got caught. Got him out of Thailand quick enough. Cute pic, btw. Smiles always needed.

Diana Joy said...

Hi Diane!!!
Miss you too:) I hope your day went better? I know mine did:)
Let's chat as soon as your phone is up and working. Call me on my home phone...
Love ya hon:)

Diana Joy said...

Hi S!!!
Don't ya know it!! I saw this picture and just had to pass it on to you:) I knew you would get a good laugh!! Sorry your not sleeping:( Feel free to drop a note or a phone call:)
((((MEGA HUGS))))

Diana Joy said...

Hi Doctor!
Nice of you to drop by:) I can't believe Karr ended up not guilty!!
I thought rightaway that he might be trying to get out of his situation in is much safer here in the US....I guess his plan worked huh?
Come again!
Diana Joy

The Doctor said...

Well, the one thing he did do was let the world know about him. Now he will be recognized as a pedofile. In 2001 he signed a release that stated "he cant fight extrdition". He will be returned to Cal for the charges. Wether the charges stick...i dunno. SO he may be free, but we now know his face. In Thailand, he would not have survived prison.

Diana Joy said...

Hi Doctor:)
No he definitely wouldn't make it
in Thailand!! Most pedofiles are wimps. Atleast he got the attention he wanted....
I wonder what's next?
Diana Joy
Where are you from again?

Neurotic Mom said...

Hey how did you get a pic of my hubby? hahahahahaha

Diana Joy said...

I guess my hubby and yours are twins!!

I love Munich said...

That is sooooooo cute!! I love it ... ha-ha!!