Monday, June 05, 2006

Felisha Scott & Diana Joy partner to help the unseen find healing!

Felisha Scott and I have partnered to help educate society on the victims of Domestic violence. Keep an eye out for new website!! Our hope is that society will find healing through our words. I am excited to see what God has in store for us. Felisha is an Internationally-recognized Internet Entrepreneur who has made a difference in the lives of millions. This former teen mother and domestic violence survivor has incorporated her love for technology and passion for helping others to create her dream career.

At the age of 15, she became a victim of domestic violence and a teen mother. She was in a relationship with a physically, and mentally abusive man who also fathered her child. In 1991, her abuser was sentenced to a 75-year prison term which ultimately saved her life. Felisha’s story is a complex one, but it has spurred her desire to help others who have experienced abuse.

In 1995, she founded, an online support community dedicated to victims and survivors of domestic violence, which puts great emphasis on the "healing and rebuilding" process. Her company is now referred to as Healing Club, Inc. The organization has grown so rapidly that it is expanding into several new areas, all focusing on the everyday struggles that people face with the "healing and rebuilding" processes of their lives. This incredible online resource, created from a kind and unique soul, has gained Felisha International Recognition.

Felisha is also CEO of DAFE, Inc. (Directory Advertising and Fabulous Ecommerce), an Internet directory company focused on "changing the way people search the web."

Felisha has more than 10 years of corporate experience. She has worked in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Marketing.

Felisha is a Women of Excellence Award recipient and was named Entrepreneur of the Year, 2005 - by NAFE (National Association for Female Executives). She was also recently nominated for the national L’Oreal Women on Worth Award.

As quoted from her featured article in NAFE Magazine, Felisha states, "As an Entrepreneur, I turn ideas that I believe in and care about into businesses that work."
Felisha’s greatest passion in life is reaching out to people from across the globe just to say, “I care.”


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