Tuesday, June 20, 2006


This week I have found myself listening to Susies Luchsingers CDs. I have the opportunity to hear Susie Luchsinger in concert in just a few days! I can't wait! My good friends will be going with me. This is an opportunity for me and my friends to talk. Whatever your belief- Susie's CDs are a must!!! Please check them out on my online store! http://www.unseenchild.com-press/-press "shopping". Or go to http://www.susieluchsinger.com/ to see where her next concert will be!! Music can be very healing. Stay tune for pictures of Susies concert! God Bless!


Neurotic Mom said...

LOL Glad i got you hooked!!!

Anonymous said...

Music has the power to heal the world. It's energy and strength are international. My 15 year old daughter toured for the month of May throughout western Canada with a youth choir from Namibia. These young people who are so much like your "Unseen Child" in their own country, brought forward such a joy and love that our daughter's spirit was changed.
In May of next year, she is heading to Africa to share in the making of music; teaching tolerance and love along the way.
I guess she has found her place to fit in. She will serve others through her music. Music can unite our world...if only we would let it.