Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tori Joy and I had a wonderful weekend!

My grandaughter came for the weekend! Yes...I am one of those obnoxious Mother and Grandmother who most avoid due to the fact that I have to show a million pictures of my kids. LOL Victoria Joy is 6 years old. We call her Tori Joy for short. I know you are dying to ask if she was named after me...YES!!! Isn't she adorable:) When she was little she would walk around flipping her hair and say "I have my Nana's hair and my Nana's eyes...I'm my Nana's girl! Then she would quickly push her brothers off my lap. I had the pleaser of having her for the weekend. She noticed I was working and decided to give it a try! LOL Tori Joy is a natural writer! Her book will be coming out in about 20 years!! You can bet on it:)

Here she is with her Aunt Savannah. They have played endlessly all weekend. Don't they look like best buddies? It is so funny when we go out and she yells,"Aunt Savannah...come here!"

Snuggle time! So..I ask you..."Doesn't she look like me?" ..... Yes! I love being a grandmother!!! This is Tori in our playroom. It is across from my office. Stay tune for more pictures of Tori Joy...she will be in town for two weeks! LOL God Bless!

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