Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm gonna be a grandma!!!!

My daughter is having a baby!! It is gonna be girl!! Her name is Chanel and she came to us at 14. She was never adopted....but still our daughter:) Here she is at Christmas. Chanels son is Kyrie. He is 3 years old. Kyrie is playing at Nanas house...waiting patiently for his Christmas dinner!
This is Chanel when she first came into our house. We took a trip up North to my twin sisters house. She is 14 years old here....
And now she is 9 months pregnant!!! This is last week in Sterling Colorado. We were waiting for a concert and she fell asleep. I was finally able to snap a picture! LOL She wouldn't let me take a picture when she was awake. LOL I'm so excited to take a picture of the new baby!! It will be a baby girl! Chanel keeps saying, "Mom, she is going to look just like you!" So, I ask you, "Do you think the new baby will look like her Grandmother?".... I guess you will have to wait! LOL We are accepting donations for the baby:) Danielle has found her an apartment. But..she needs everything for her, Kyrie, and the new baby girl! Please pray for a safe delivery....Stay tune for more pictures and an update from the Albertsens!!!


Crazy in Colorado said...

CONGRATS DIANA!!!! I am so excited for you!!! What is her name going be?
I can not wait to see pictures!

Diana Joy said...

She hasn't had her yet!!! The Doc sent her home:( Shes driving me crazy..I can't get mad because I remember those days too much!!
I never thought I would say I'm happy I'm too old...BUT IN THIS CASE I'M GLAD I'M TOO OLD TO HAVE BABIES!!!!
LOL Lets chat??

Neurotic Mom said...

Hey where's that grandbaby? I'm waiting for some pictures.