Monday, June 19, 2006

I’m deeply touched by the outpouring of encouragement and support that I receive daily through my website!

Hello!I want to thank you for your interest in my upcoming book “Looking Through the Eyes of An Unseen Child”! My excitement grows with each day of accomplishment towards the completion of this project!I would like to request your continued help… I’m in need of your faithful prayers and supportive thoughts as I struggle through some of the more challenging parts of writing and publishing this book. I find that each chapter requires prayer and focus to ensure its true purpose in offering hope, and at the same time, I must continue to take care of my daily responsibilities as a wife and mother. My heart is not separate on these matters, both are of equal importance. That’s why I’m asking for your prayers and your patience. I have decided to include periodic updates at to help you stay connected with my progress! I know the completion of “Looking Through the Eyes of An Unseen Child” is for all the unseen children, and I want you to share in the development of this big dream! Please check the web site regularly to see the newest updates and plans for the book’s release. We’re praying that the book is completed by Fall-2006! Thank you, again, for all your love and support!God Bless,

Diana Joy

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