Friday, June 09, 2006


Somebody is mad that it's not his birthday. Josiah (twin) refused to eat his cake because nobody gave him a present!LOL
We all jump when Poppie says anything. He demands it!
Elijah (twin) needed to make sure he was seen:)
I had the camera and he yelled, "Look at me Grandma!" I had to take a picture!

Gabryel took a deep breath and blew out all the candles! He is now a big boy! Now he can eat more cake. Savannah had fun with her girl friends. It looks fun to be nine! Don't ya think?

WOW...Savannah (my daughter) turned 9 years-old Sunday and Gabryel (my grandson) turned 8 years-old Tuesday. Be sure and check out all the party pictures. See “Flicker” to the left of this blog. The twins and the baby have also been very busy. I totally enjoyed having them last weekend! I did my regular grandmother thing. All you grandparents know what I mean.... It’s grab a treat and hold on to it until a child happens to notice and then say, “Do you want a treat?" Then whisper in their ear, "Say Grandma loves me”.... What a wonderful feeling to slip a child some sweets, hear the words, "I love you" and then be rewarded with a special kiss on the cheek! YES!! GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!

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Crazy in Colorado said...

Oh Diana - that looks like so much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed the day!