Friday, June 30, 2006

Ky'Anna Jeanetta May wants our attention!!!

Ky'Anna Jeanetta May will not be here this weekend and so I thought I would let you see her brother! This is Ky'Ree Akai May!! He is my sweetie! I love his smile. Chanel is having complications with this pregnancy!! Please pray for Chanel and tiny Ky'Anna. Chanel just stopped by about an hour ago and told me that she is in a great deal of pain. We all expected to see this beautiful little girl tonight...but the Doctors said,"Not yet!" Chanel is miserable! When I came out to the car tonight Ky'Ree yelled, "Mommy didn't have my Sissy yet!" He looked happy... but Chanel didn't!
The poor thing had a look of desperation on her face. Her tired eyes tell all. I just had to give her a big hug!! Tonight pray for Chanel, Ky'Ree, and the baby. It won't be long now and Ky'Anna Jeanetta will bless us with her presence...she is just waiting for everyones attention! Typical woman! LOL


Neurotic Mom said...

Great pics, she looks so tired but i remember being that pregnant too haha.

So where's the pictures of the concert you went to eh?

Diana Joy said...

I will put them up tomorrow:)
I should get the cd tomorrow and I can download them in the afternoon:) I HAD A BLAST!!! IT WAS AN HONOR TO SEE HER AND HAVE A CHANCE TO SPEAK WITH HER!!! I can't wait to see her again at the end of this month! I will video the concert:)
luv yah!