Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Praise and Prayer

Hi, It's Sara "the Editor" Davenport, and I wanted to share a bit about the writer's conference we went to this past weekend. It was a fabulous blessing! Pastor Polly Sanders-Peterson organized a conference for local writers to help them be blessed and supported in their projects for the Lord. She provided a lovely space, great food, and wonderful pastors to uplift and inspire the Christian writers in attendance.

I personally got to meet Diane "organizer" Maes for the first time! And, it was great to see Chanel again - (she's one of Diana's daughters), both of whom attended the conference with us. I can't wait for the next Pastor Polly conference!

On another note, those of you who are prayer warriors, please PRAY FOR HEALTH! We are struggling with health issues and it is making it a challenge to stay on task with our editing. Please pray for health, patience, strength, courage, Wisdom and guidance as we continue to seek to serve God's will in completing this story for the unseen. Thank you for all your support.

May God Bless You!


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