Sunday, October 09, 2011

Please read!!! It's Urgent!!!

This morning I received this e-mail with the harsh reality that we need funds for Shannon's Hope Maternity Home as soon as possible or it is in danger of closing. I ask you to look at the eyes of these babies....please don't ignore them...I cry at the thought of asking these woman to go back to the streets because I know that their is a possibility that some mothers might be forced to put themselves in to the hands of an abuse man to keep a roof over their child's head. Or worse they will go into other shelters in which they can only be there from 6:00pm to 6:00am and then they are forced to walk the streets with a small newborn and perhaps even a small child.

LeAnn Rimes has donated over $5,000.00 towards homeless mothers in less than 3 months. There are no words to express our appreciation for all she has done and continues to do through the eBay account: I'm going to trust God that it is okay to ask this question...I would like to ask ALL my celebrity buddies to give as LeAnn has given! If you can please help by starting a campaign to help meet or match LeAnn's donation? Help us keep Shannon's Hope open! It has been a maternity home for homeless mothers for 30 years!!!! I cannot ask these mothers to pack up their belongings and leave the home that was to keep them out of the cold this winter.... Here's the letter I received....

Dear Friends,
Shannon's Hope Maternity Home
currently has an immediate need for financial contributions of any size. Please go to their website at They process their donations through PayPal or you can send the donation directly to their address:
Shannons Hope; PO Box 1477; Wheat Ridge, CO 80034.
No contribution is too small, and every amount will help. Please know that your contribution is tax deductible as it is a 501(c)3 organization. You may call their phone number (303) 480-5433
(LIFE). This is a
critical time for the 13 homeless, and pregnant women and their children to continue living in a safe, secure, and loving home. Please do what you can NOW to help them!! Bless You Everyone!

Here is Shannon's Hope Maternity Home!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget the men and women we lost on September 11, 2001

There is a feeling of sadness still after many years...Tell me I'm not alone feeling the darkness of that day.....
Please tell me your experiences of September 11,2001 when America was attacked by leaving comments below!....Here's a excerpt from my book remembering that horrific day!

"Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child"
...many were unseen that day 10 years ago....let us never forget them....:

[Chapter 1
It was 3:00am, the morning of September 11, 2003. The flashing lights from my clock lit the room. It was too early to be awake...a heavy sick feeling rested in my stomach...Was it the memory of my husband's family, and the friends they lost this day, two years ago....? Or could it be that this day held something even more frightening...? My mind drifted back....

My husband was born and raised in New York before he traveled out west to attend the Bible College where we met, in the early 1980's. We were married shortly thereafter. The mid-west became our home, and New York City was where my new in-laws lived. After twenty years, I felt like I was part of this large family and New York was my favorite place to visit, with so much love and happy memories. Every visit meant an incredible view of the Twin Towers from my in-laws window. The same view shared by so many people on their way to work everyday, each with a different face, and a different story to tell. The morning of the attack seemed like any other morning. I was in my home switching the channels on the television when, in a flash, fear filled the air. A plane had hit one tower, and within minutes, another plane went soaring through its twin. Instantly, a blanket of confusion and grief covered the United States.

Knowing that my brother-in-law worked as a New York City police officer, the reality that his life could be in danger caused my family panic. He managed a brief phone call to assure us that he was alive, but as the phone went dead seconds late, I felt my life slipping. I was losing all my happy memories and the only past I had chosen to tell my children. As the day went by, it felt like weeks. Once again, death was moments away from those I loved.

The day that America lost so many lives reminded me of my loss also, the loss of my own childhood and the reality of the dark cavity that rested within me. I was no longer able to forget my childhood and to tell only the stories of my life in New york City. Now, this incredible city would be another tragedy from which I must run. As I lay in bed, I closed my eyes tightly and curled up, wanting to forget about the huge dark cloud and the belief that there was nowhere to hide from danger.]
End of excerpt....

Sending much love and prayers to my brother-in-law Seargent Mark Albertsen NYPD and his family today! It was a day that changed history...but, also a day that changed my brother-in-law and the Albertsen family forever!

Praying for my hubbies friend the late NYC Fireman - Paul Gills family...
....and all families that lost a loved one on that day 10 years ago on September 11, 2001...
To the lost: You are not forgotten!
To the living: You are in our prayers!

God bless you all!
~Diana Joy~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Give" by LeAnn Rimes

Everyone support and go to and tell her how much she has GIVEN to you or inspired you to GIVE to others!!!!

Here's my post to LeAnn on the site:
LeAnn always talks about her fans and all the wonderful things they do...well, I want to make people aware of what a HUGE impact she has had on the homeless families here in Denver, Colorado. LeAnn inspires me every day to continue to GIVE to the homeless and get kids off the streets.

My name is Diana Joy and I am the CEO of the Unseen Child Foundation. I have been helping the homeless here in Denver for almost 30 years. I am writing on here to let others know that me and my team were able to help more mothers with LeAnn's help. Her donations are helping feed, clothe and educate the homeless in Denver so that the cycle of homelessness, poverty and child abuse can be stopped!

LeAnn GIVES to so many people with such UNCONDITIONAL love, not expecting anything in return. The song "Give" is in my eyes just an example of how LeAnn lives every day! Love you LeAnn!!!

Here's the information again!!
*wink* *wink*
and go to and tell her how much she has GIVEN to you or inspired you to GIVE to others!!!!

Picture designed by LeAnn Rimes friend Daniel Galvan

Sunday, July 10, 2011


LeAnn Rimes put's her talent and celebrity recognition behind raising money to stop child abuse and national attention, to the Unseen Child Foundation of Denver Colorado!!
Own a piece of Country Music History and help stop the cycle of poverty, homelessness and abuse.
The Unseen Child Foundation is proud to announce the auction of LeAnn Rimes’ items to make a difference in the eyes of an unseen child.
LeAnn Rimes has been a supporter of the Unseen Child Foundation Clothing Bank/Food bank since 2010. She has donated a large amount of items to help the Unseen Child Foundation reach out to the Denver community.

In the last year the Unseen Child Foundation and Shannon’s Hope have partnered to give the community not only a clothing bank and food bank, but now also a Shelter for young mothers to find safety from domestic violence, child abuse or from being homeless.

By purchasing even one item you will be standing beside LeAnn Rimes to stop the cycle of abuse! One hundred percent of all items auctioned will go to funding a Safe House and Clothing Bank!

Through your donation you too will be that one person to make a difference in the eyes of a child.

To bid on the items go to:

Thanks so much for your support!!!
God bless!!
Diana Joy

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Thanks LeAnn Rimes for all your support!!!

Thank you so much LeAnn Rimes for all your support!!! Here is a radio interview that was sent to me last week. It was done by Bob TV: Link:
Stay tune peeps to see a video and hear LeAnn's newest song!! Writing another post this week...keep checking in! *wink*