Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

Since my last post I have realized that yes, there are people who want all the latest "yuck" from County Music Artist, Actors and Celebrities. But, I hope that those people are in the minority. Please confirm this to be a accurate assumption! The majority of society truly wants to see the good in everyone. So today I am no longer keeping silent. I want society to know what the media doesn't tell them.

I have kept my mouth shut while watching E!News and other media outlets bash Leann Rimes! E!News recently launched a very hurtful,extremely opinionated, story about Leann. I understand the point of celebrity news casts. There job is to dig up the worst dirt possible. But, since when has it become about posting personal opinions of someone they do not even know personally? Truthfully, I really believe deep down we all want to hear the BEST in celebrities. After all we are the ones who push them upon pedestals and demand that the rest of their lives become about being our futures role models.

As I watch television I notice that we are a world obsessed with the day's "most popular drama" and reality TV shows, less and less do we stop anymore and take the time to actually know someone for who they really are (and not who they are "edited" to be).

It appears that there are seldom people who freely give of themselves anymore without expecting something in return, whether it be free publicity for their next album, or a chance to look good in front of the cameras before the debut of their next film. But, after meeting Leann (and other heroes I have met in Hollywood and Nashville) I have hope in our future.

Leann; time and time again has given of herself not because it would benefit her career, but just because her heart called her to. We are all struggling in this scary economy and pinching every little bit that we have left to hold on to. Yet, all the while she is to this day one of a dying breed who is not concerned with hoarding her precious material things. But would actually give them away for the purpose of putting a smile on a young woman's face. A woman who wakes up every day hoping that today will be a day in which she will be able to "Create a memory" with her daughter. And dreading the days she is taken away to the hospital separated from the very child she fights to live for.

I was in the hospital sitting with that same young woman and her name "Crystal". While sitting in the hospital room I saw E!News make the announcement regarding Leann Rimes. My heart broke because Crystal and I know the REAL Leann Rimes. She isn't the horrible person the media makes her out to be.

At that time few people knew that Crystal was in the hospital battling cancer and that she has a 9 year old daughter who is also hurting. They were "Unseen" to many. But, they were not "Unseen" to Leann! Do you realize that BEFORE E!News starting the "End of 2010 drama" Leann wanted to give Crystals daughter a gift. Crystal's daughter didn't ask Leann to cure her mom from cancer, or for her to give them lot's of money...all she ask for was for some one to help her mom feel pretty. Leann made sure that gift was granted. Within a day after hearing Crystal's story, Leann sent Crystal some of her own clothes! No one knew but us. Leann felt that out of respect for Crystal's daughter the gifts were to remain private. It was private, but now Crystal and Leann have agreed to make this public

Leann has been sending boxes to the Unseen Child Foundation for 2010 and now 2011. Leann and Eddie came to Denver after vacationing in Aspen. While the media was talking negative about the two of them, Leann was setting up a time to meet with Crystal and I at a KYGO party. Unfortunately, Crystal was back in the hospital when Leann arrived here in Denver. Very few people even noticed that Leann cried that day when I told her Crystal couldn't make it! That same day Leann fought back tears as she sang at the KYGO event because she looked at my assistant and saw pain in her eyes.Also, Eddie took me aside for a hug and to remind me that he and Leann were listening to our cries for support. He took time to ask more about how they could help! Wow! Did E!News catch that on camera?...sadly not.

I know that this is not what E!News would have reported. To them this isn't worthy material. The media believes all we want is the gossip of "Celebrities gone bad". But, I don't believe that is what you really want to hear. You want to hear the truth and that is that both Eddie and Leann are NOT who the media portrays them to be.

So, yes, there are celebrities that do wonderful things for the right reasons. Leann is one of the Unseen Child Foundations Silent Contributors. She kept quiet and respected the privacy of a young mother with cancer. She has continued to make donations to the Unseen Child Foundation which helps young mothers who are in the Witness Protection Program (due to domestic violence). Also,she helps homeless teens who have aged out of the foster care system. It was very emotional to hand some clothes and a pair of boots to a homeless teen that never thought she was seen. But, on the day I dropped the donation off, she was not only seen...but, was seen wearing a celebrities clothes! How awesome is that!!!

I met Leann Rimes through twitter. I talked about the old hymn "Amazing Grace" and how much it meant to me. Her response was, I can't get through that song with out crying. From that time on our relationship and trust grew. She was no longer just a celebrity...but a hero to so many who depend on the Unseen Child Foundation. I just ask you to think before you talk about another person. Do you really know who they are? Have you walked in their shoes? And most of all can you give them the "Grace" that you would want given to you?

When I see Leann's picture I don't think about what others say. I hear the song that we share together. The words that she has not only said, but lives today.
A verse from the song: Amazing Grace
"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see".

God bless to all who have supported the Unseen Child Foundation! It is because of you that many homeless and needy people receive food and clothes through out this cold winter!

Diana Joy
CEO Unseen Child Foundation

Crystal Chapman
VP Unseen Child Foundation
Crystal has requested this blog be posted!