Wednesday, November 03, 2010

November 6th!! Don't forget!!! Hope to see you there!!

About the Unseen Child Foundation

What can the Unseen Child Foundation do for your family and other non-profit organizations in your area? The Unseen Child Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists other non-profits working to open their doors and offer help to children and adults in need.
A problem here in Denver and across the nation is that non-profits offering care to homeless, elderly, and mentally handicapped children and adults are facing tough times and many find themselves being forced to close. They stand alone without additional support and leave those depending on them to survive alone. These same children & adults end up coming to us seeking the help promised them by other non-profit programs.
I stand up (as one person) and offer my voice to encourage existing non-profits. Don't give up! Keep fighting! There are so many wonderful people like you out there trying to make a difference. Please keep trying. The government can’t help this time. We have to do it ourselves.
I am only one person, but one person can begin to create change. Especially in today’s economy if we all don't all stick together we stand alone. Let’s stand up together =). The Unseen Child Foundation’s goal is to help fund other non-profit programs so that they can keep their doors open and continue assisting people.
My voice, book, documentary, and life story raise the money needed to help develop, grow, and support non-profit programs like yours that work is hard to provide for children and adults in need.
I was an “Unseen Child.” It’s not easy to tell my story, but if I don't, then the patterns of abuse, homelessness, and poverty will continue unchallenged. I am challenging them!
I would love to come to your local bookstore, church or community center to share my story, the Unseen Child Foundation’s mission, and talk with you about ways to help children in your area who suffer. Please contact Cheri Vikdal for assistance with booking
You CAN make a difference in a child’s life by making a donation to the Unseen Child Foundation or purchasing a book. Let’s help each other. No one needs to stand alone fighting. Let's stand up together working to help the next generation.
May God bless you and are not alone!
Diana Joy

Please pass this to anyone you know that needs help!