Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am honored by this review!!!! I have meetings and tours next week....but, this is someone who puts kids first..what do you think?

Dearest Diana, much is going on within me right now after finishing your book. I am running the gamut of emotions from anger to optimism, from a hallowed ache in my middle to elation that you have transcended. Everything is swirling around right now because I feel as if I were there with you at the motel and in the woods, in the car, to getting the candy bar. Your book is so intimate that you can't help but find yourself in it. It is truly a remarkable piece that needs to be heard. I am extremely blessed to have you enter my life by a stroke of divine intervention. There are no mistakes, and I thank you for giving me the honor to take part in your world. I have to read it again...just because! I am so proud of you that you have the strength to share your story so that others can be seen, and know that they are not alone. Like I said the other night you have been blessed with the knowledge that you are bigger than the obstacles that were put in your path.

As far as what I feel this can become in terms of a visual medium, my gut is telling me a film. A raw account of your story that can have a life visually to also help and inspire the world around us. It can and should be done. I feel such a connection to the piece, and will help you in any way possible to get this seen. LOOKING THROGH THE EYES OF AN UNSEEN CHILD is a film.

The work you do today, aside from the book, I feel would be a great documentary raising awareness of the abuse that causes so many to feel unseen, and without voice. They could be a phenomenal 2,3, after the astounding piece that is your book.
Well my new friend, I think of you tonight, and send you my thoughts and prayers. You make this world a better place, please know this! I will talk to you tomorrow.
James Patric

Please continue to pray that this project is not about success, but the Unseen Children!!! James Patric doesn't speak about success. I truly see his compassion for the Unseen Children! Pray! Pray! For the right company and for the book to get into the hands of the children & adults who need the words to know that they are not the only unseen. Also, pray that this project is protected by the ones who are committed to the children!!!

Diana Joy

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looking through the eyes of an unseen child and video's...

I have received so many e-mails questioning if the information is really true....and..YES! My book is finished! Here is what it looks like! I appreciate everybody who is waiting on a book and also those who have ordered more than one...(I know what it is like to tell someone you have bought them something and then wonder yourself if it is ever going to come.)....I realize that for some the waiting has been VERY frustrating... All I can say is, "I love you all for your patience! It is greatly appreciated!!"....even though my patience has been running very thin through this entire process :p
I never imagined how long it would take to print and publish a book until now!!!! I truly believed once a book was written and submitted to a publisher, it would just be a matter of weeks (not many months) before I had it in my hands.....
Hopefully the next book will go much more smoothly :)

So...the answer to the other e-mails (regarding my last post) is YES again...
I have interviewed with 2 television stations.....The idea of making my book into a movie has been discussed with the different production companies...I promise I will keep you up to date if any decisions are made :) It is not something I had every imagined...but, now after talking with some new friends, production company's and my team, I can see how valuable it can to have my book on the screen for people to understand what it is like to look through the eyes of an unseen child. I am so glad now I have a wonderful Agent and team of committed people that will help keep me grounded and focused. Please continue to pray for us as we move forward with any & all business decision....
Well, speaking of team...I have a meeting and need to be there in about 15 minutes :o)
Love you all!
Diana Joy

I have been listening to my music while I have been writing and one of my favorite songs came I just HAVE to play the video!

God Bless the Child!

Hi Everyone!
I found this video and just had to put this on my blog!
I have a ton to tell you..but, unfortunately we are down to one computer and everyone is fighting over this one! grrrrr!
Check this video out!

Check out this video: Shania Twain - God Bless the Child

God bless!
Diana Joy

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm back!!! I had a wonderful time in New York City!
My mother-in-law is recovering wonderfully from her heart surgery. God gave me an opportunity to sit with her and catch up on the years we have been apart:) And for that I am very thankful!!!

Also, I cannot tell you how great it was to meet so many new people!!!
On Friday (the day after I arrived) I met Aidah. She took me on a tour of HBO Studio's and introduced me to such nice people. Then we talked for hours over a wonderful lunch :p I was so happy when she said she wanted me to come back the following Wednesday!!! We had so much fun! HBO is lucky to have such a special person working for them and I am blessed to have her as my friend :) Thanks Aidah for everything!

I want to say thanks to L. Renée Mitchell for taking me out to eat too :P mmmm! Okay..I hope you all get the picture here...the food in New York City is yummy!!!lol
Renée is the Assistant Vice President at The Dreyfus Corporation located in Grand Central Station. She is such a sweet person. Within the first few minutes of meeting her I could see such compassion in her eyes. As she spoke I could also hear her strong faith in God! We had so much fun talking. And let me tell you...that girl can laugh! lol I'm sure we sounded like two young school girls laughing in the cafe that afternoon! lol I look forward to getting together again soon!

I wanted to let you all know that a lot of the people I met in New York City are members of NAFE (National Association for Female Executives). Ladies! If you don't belong to NAFE...YOU HAVE TO! It is a great way to network and be seen :)

I also want to let you know that I can't even count how many times I got lost :o)
The subway is sooooo confusing. I must say though that I loved it when people came on the train to sing. I don't have any actual pictures or video's of them...but, someone sent me this video. This will give you an idea of how life is in NYC...

I hope you enjoyed the video :)))
Until the next post...((BIG HUGS))
Diana Joy