Sunday, November 01, 2009

Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child

Here is the video for the Borders Books Book tour! Keep a look out for the schedule for the year tour. Susie McEntire Luchsinger performed while I spoke out for the Unseen Children!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Friends, I tell you some more about my story....

Dear Friends,
I wanted to let you know that the documentary is being filmed and so please check in on my Youtube and see the faces of the kids I fight so hard for. They need you! I will be meeting with my manager in 2 weeks to move forward on a movie. And Borders has asked Susie McEntire Luchsinger and I to tour Nation wide. Lately, I have posted so much about these kids because I want you to see what I go through...I see one of them dying, one of them fighting for her children and one simply fighting to feed her baby girl. Susie and I are pushing forward with this project for one reason....for the Unseen Children!
I need to be honest. So many of you have asked about my heart. I had my 5th heart-attack 4 weeks ago. And have been told that there are 6 spots in my brain where the bleeding cannot be stopped and another brain surgery is no longer an option. When I say, "I need you". It is true! I cannot go on fighting so hard without any help. Please help me by purchasing a book for a child? With each book purchased $5 goes to the Unseen Child Foundation to help these children get the care they need.
I am just one person...and I know that it just takes one person to change the life of a child and through that one child many generations can be changed.
This video was very difficult because I had to take the next step into letting the world see who I am. Please don't give up on me...and on the people who mean so much to me! I am not working at this time and have made a committment to push forward with every thing I have in me!
I know money is tight for everyone. If you cannot purchase a book, please make a donations through
Also, we need the finacial support to continue to travel to spread the word of the Unseen Child. Call your local book store and request for Susie and I to come to your town.
Life is short and we need to take advantage of every minute of every day to help the next generation...our future!
God bless you all!
Diana Joy
Here is the next link...I will have the children share a little each week through Youtube. 100 Productions has offered their help so that you will see what it is like to be Crysal, Chanel, and Mary.
If you are a foster child, abused child, or an abused adult and want your story to be heard, feel free to contact me through

Please pass this along!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures from Borders Book signing on September 26th '09

Here are the pictures from the book signing on September 26th 09! I don't think there was a dry eye in the house! *hugs to my blogger friends*
Call a Borders near you and ask for us to come to your area ;-)

Speaking out for the Unseen Children by Diana Joy and Susie McEntire Luchsinger

Everything went very well on September 26th! Thank you so much to all of you that came to support us in person and thank you to all who had us in their prayers =)It was very moving! Here is just one small clip of the event. Susie and I have been asked to go on tour with Borders. Borders supplies everything but the cost of transportation and food. Please pray that God will open a door for us to travel and spread the word!

I will also put up a slide for you all to see :) Also, keep your eyes open for more clips from this event as well as the documentary that is in the making ;-)
God bless you all!!!!
Diana Joy

Monday, September 14, 2009

Diana Joy and Susie McEntire Luchsinger will be together on September 26th at Borders Books!

Hey Everyone!
This is my good friend Susie McEntire Luchsinger and me having a blast at a photo-shoot last June. Susie has been very kind to assist me with my book signing at Borders Books. It is on September 26th @ 1:00. Susie will sing a few of her songs and then I will speak about my book "Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child". The event is at Borders Books, Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree Colorado. If you want to hear the music and speaking you might want to me a little you can get good seats. And best of all, it's a totally free event!
Hopefully, this will be the first of many book signings with Borders. I am hoping to tour Nationally! With all your help I can reach my dream of traveling all over the US speaking and raising money for the Unseen Child Foundation.
The U.C.F (Unseen Child Foundation) is a foundation that was started last year with the hopes that we could raise enough money to help safe houses here in Denver. It has been a dream of mine for over 20 years and now I feel like the doors are opening for big things to happen! I am also in the process of working with a few screenwriters. Some from LA and some from NYC. It has been tough to go back and relive your life with people who are wanting to put your life on the big screen for the world to see! OMGosh! That was such a long sentence, I had to take a minute to breath!!! So, yes, my story is now not only world wide (though the book "Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child") it is going to be a motion picture. Tamara Banks will also be doing my Documentary. Here is a interview with Tamara regarding my book. This is when we first met and I was very sick...poor Tamara had to put up with me coughing :p
Here is an interview with PBS: Please continue to pray that doors will open and lives will be touched. I am honored to be standing with such wonderful, loving people! And to have such wonderful blogger friends who were there for me years ago...when the entire idea...was just a dream....I love my blogger friends! Oh, how I have missed you all!
I will try and keep you all up-to-date on "A day in the life of Diana Joy". Hang on! There's ups and downs.....kinda like a roller coaster ride :o)!!!!
God bless!
~Diana Joy~

I'm back!!!! And boy does it feel good!!!!

Watch out world! I'm back to blogging again! It feels great to be on blogger. It's been too long. I have to confess, I went to fb and got addicted :p But, lately I have found myself wanting to say more than a sentence or two. Now that I am writing my second book, speaking with screenwriters from L.A. and NYC...I find myself reflecting on my past...and with that...I am forced to run back to blogger and write away! lol
Here is the latest event that is coming up on September 26th @ 1:00pm. Please read the flier and pass it along :) If you are not in my area print out this flier and go to your local Borders Book store and tell them you want me to come to your town :) Or on September 26th call Borders and tell them you want me to be in your town the following weekend! lol
I want to thank you all for helping me through some very tough times. You were always there when I was down, ill, or just wanted to rant...
I hope to find some time to be on here more...I think I will wander around to my friends and say"HI".
Diana Joy

God bless this child!

This afternoon I took a walk through our neighborhood toward the park. I guess I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the wonderful sun before "Mr.Winter" steals it away from me. A sick feeling came over me as I got closer to the grass and saw a glimpse of a "Memorial tree". The limbs hung over a creek and the playground could easily be seen by someone sitting beneath its branches.

You can't go far in Denver with out seeing these "Memorial trees". They are usually made up of a cross, flowers, teddy bears and notes attached to a tree. The memorials are usually for young kids who have died accidentally. For example the child was accidentally driving drunk, accidentally on drugs, or accidentally caught in the cross fire of a gun....
I'm sure some of these children were probably thinking they were some how invincible and death would be an impossible conclusion....or for some death was the only way they knew to escape the pain from the world they were living in.....
As I sat under the branches I remember hearing about this 15 year old boy who was found dead in the creek a couple of months ago. The media said the body was in the creek for 18 hours before being found. Also, the death was "Accidental".
BTW... Anyone in the city knows that "Accidental" is a nice way of saying,"He committed suicide or he died of a drug overdose".....
But, this memorial tree really saddened me. As I searched for flowers, ribbons or teddy bears..there wasn't any.....what I saw was a magazine picture of a drug pipe and an empty pack of camel cigarette's. Also an empty pack of gum and little pieces of paper with words from what appeared to be this boys friends...
Tears filled my eyes when out of all the notes...there was not one from an adult (or parent).

My heart hurt as I realized the gifts that were left for this child were not pretty flowers or soft teddy bears. Instead nailed to the tree was a picture from an old magazine of a drug pipe and an empty pack of what must have been his favorite smokes...
As I was sitting underneath the tree this song came to mind.."God Bless the Child"
Let's all say goodbye to this unseen boy with a song of love and understanding.....
And let this be a reminder of all the lost children out there crying out to be seen!

Shania Twain - God Bless the Child