Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Sun will come up tomorrow

The best game ever!!!! GO Avalanche!!!!

We went to see the Avalanche hocky team play! Everyone, I want you to check these pictures out?! My nephew and I spent the entire day together and in the evening we had a chance to go to see his favorite team play. all know that I normally don't get into sports. But, Trev, (my twin sisters son) and I had sooooooo much fun. I had an opportunity to see the Avs win by one point and see a real live hockey fight all in the same night!!! How cool is that? No really guys....this was one of those nights that will never be forgotten. Trev said, "This is one of my favorite memories! I feel like I am 6 again and being spoiled by my Auntie!"
Here is my cute boy! I bet you can't guess who got him the SWEET AVS shirt??? hahaha! Perhaps his favorite Aunt.....
Here we are right before the game. Doesn't he look like my son Josiah?? I think it is so strange that my twin and I both have boys around the same age. They look like they could be twins?! I just want to say, "Hi" to everyone of my blogger friends. I don't know why I haven't been blogging. I sit down at the computer everyday....but, all I do is visit my friends and comment on their blogs. Is anyone else finding it hard to post? Or is it just me? It's not like I haven't been trapped in this house for the last 3 weeks. You know....from all the snow we are getting here in Denver. Hey! Did you guys hear about the REAL Avalanche we had in the Mountains today? It was on Fox News. WHEW! It looks like everyone made it out alive :-) THANK YOU LORD!!! Happy New Year Everyone!