Sunday, July 09, 2006

A day at the park!!

It's the 4th of July!!! This is our trip to the park. Here I am with Gabe, Savannah and Victoria on the little train around the free carnival. Boy was it hot. GOOOO Gabe!! I wish I could have gotten a closer shot of him sliding would see so much fear on his face! LOL
Poppie wanted to make sure we all noticed the cotton candy! I just had to make sure Poppie had some:) It's a grandmothers job to spoil the kids! LOL Savannah and Victoria look so excited to be together. Savannah may be her Aunt...but she is also Victoria's best friend! Elyjah & Josiah had to get in a great deal of jumping time before running off to the paddle boats. I know I'm now one of those grandmothers who drive people crazy with all their pictures and endless conversations that consist of "Did you see what he did today?" So I will make this short...I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I know we did!!!

Okay...please notice the baby (Poppie) he did not want his picture taken..Can you tell? Every time I yell "Picture time" The twins come running and say "Grandma, cheese!" LOL Enough for now...STAY TUNE TOMORROW!!!!


Neurotic Mom said...

Dogpile!!! haha i'm going to call your kids and yell that to see fi they do it again LOL

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Diana Joy said...

I knew you would comment here! haha!!! LOL