Saturday, September 16, 2006

Are you stressed? I have a cure!!

My kids are absolutely driving me crazy!! Anyone who knows me will totally understand this post!! I recieved a phone call yesterday (at work) informing me that my child was acting out. So...immediately I ask, "Which one?" The teacher responds, "Well both of your girls". So then I assume they were teaming up to defend themselves against some bully. "Well, not exactly"the young teacher says. I'm now thinking, "Get on with it woman I'm at work". Then she proceeds to tell me that the two girls were out of control in class screaming at each other. Please note this is a special class for children who are Developementally Delayed and have emotional problems. "What??? You mean they were screaming at each other? In front of the class! Great!! What next?" I mumbled. She continues, "I'm concerned that you and your family may need therapy..." Okay! Now I am totally ticked off! I then tell the teacher, "I'm at work and I will deal with this later". Thinking okay she will say, "I understand..this can wait until Monday". But nooo!!! She interrupts me with, "I'm concerned that we aren't working as a team". Okay, I'm a counselor. I have been working with kids with "Attachment Disorder" forever and then I attempt to educate her on my daughters illness and how we as a family are seeking help from the school psychologist... She then interrupts, (yes again) "Well, I'm concerned that your daughter isn't eating". "OMGosh!!! She looks fine and we give her lunch money everyday!" I thought. So I respond, "Do you see her eat?" She says, "Well, she has been begging for money and only when we give her money, is she able to eat. Is your family having money problems?" I am soooo angry and I firmly tell her, "I have to go and I will be in on Monday to discuss this with a person who is old enough to have children and is a specialist in "Attachment Disorder" and "Borderline Personality Disorder". I go about the rest of my day stirring about this teacher and how uneducated she is. Then the school psychologist calls and apologizes for the call from the teacher. "Thank goodness! He has known me for 6 years and knows my kids," I sighed. So, everyone went to bed early and this morning I awoke to two girls asking for me to go to the store to get tampons".....One saying, "I don't know why, but, I can't stop eating...especially chocolate". So I ask you, "How could have this entire conflict been provented?" Do you see why this post was much needed today??? I feel better:) Thanks for listening to my venting:)

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