Sunday, September 03, 2006

I guess I shouldn't complain....

I have to work tomorrow and I find myself wanting to complain....but, then I saw this picture. I realized I could have it much worse....LOL BIG BUMMER!!! BTW!!! Those of you who I tagged earlier...I know who you are and where you live!!!! LOL


Neurotic Mom said...

hahaha let me know when you are coming by i'll get the kids hyper for you

clayfuture said...

Hey Diana! You tagged me. I read your comment in our community blog. I will reply the tag tomorrow tho, coz I'm swamped with work at the moment and have to finish a report by late evening! You can visit my blog at


Diana Joy said...

Neurotic mom!! hahaha
Um...let me thanks..I have my hands full already!!!
luv yah!!

Diana Joy said...

YES!!!! I FOUND YOU CLAY!!!! It's about time you show yourself dude!!!
I'm on my way over:)
I'm looking forward to your answers!
Bye for now!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you. I see that my comment didn't post. I think it timed out before it could post. I got your email. I will call you tonight after dinner.
Thinking about you!

Diana Joy said...

Talk soon moi!