Saturday, September 02, 2006

What matters most is how you see yourself...

Hi everyone!! I am determined to keep my promise and blog everyday:) My computer is acting up and so I need to sign off. But, I just wanted to take time for my friends. BTW...I've just been tagged by beware!!!! I hope to be back on in an hour:)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading my blog too. But I have developed the mindset, that I am writing as an expression of my thoughts. If someone would like to offer a comment, I appreciate it and enjoy reading it and sometimes, it even blossoms a friendship. But more importantly, the writing has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings about a vast number of topics.
I miss ya toots!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend off.

Neurotic Mom said...

hahahaha you are such a dork but i luv ya anyway

Neoma said...

I gotta save a link to you, and put it in my favorites, that way I can find my way back. Just last night I was thinking about you, and couldn't remember where you were.......I knew you had posted, but WHERE. haha So now I will capture you and stick you in my links so you can't get away. haha

Diana Joy said...

Hi S!
I'm glad you stopped by:)
Yes....Writing helps heal any hurts:)
You my friend need to continue to write....
It brings healing to many:)
Luv ya moi!

Diana Joy said...

Okay Lise!!!
You tagged your hubby and now he won't play tag with me!!!!
What's with that??
I will call you later and discuss this!!!

Diana Joy said...

Just give me the right link and you will definitely be on my list:)