Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Savannah! This picture is for you:o

It's been a wonderful 2 days:) I'm sure when I have been working for weeks I will post about the dark and dreary office. But, for now it is sooooo much better than my old job and guess what? I got to pick up my blazers from the drycleaners!!! YES! My life is finally returning to normal!!! But...(yes I need to add "but") I leave the house at 6:40 am and Savannah has decided that this is her chance to rebel! She is refusing to brush her hair. So all the dark glossy strands of hair that once flowed down her back is now a nappy, tangled mess:O She is convinced that she can brush over the top layer and I will not notice. However, the bump in the back of her head is a dead giveaway!!! So Savannah...this picture is for you!!! LOL PLEASE BRUSH YOUR HAIR IN THE MORNING!!!!!
BTW! I will be checking my blog from the office...ahem...on my break;) So, if anyone wants to drop me a note...I will be waiting...ahem...on my break that is!!!

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