Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Josiah's girlfriend Abby!

Well... here is my first born son "Josiah". We had a birthday party for yet another Albertsen on Sunday. It was Nicoles 15 birthday. Her birthday party will be in the next post:) In our family every birthday is like Christmas. Not because of all the gifts, but because a birthday is a reason for us all to come together and have fun:) So, this Saturday I did my usual. I called everyone the day before. You mothers know what I'm talking about. The mothers gentle reminder, "Are you coming to the party? You know she is really counting on you being there. If you don't come she will be devistated" BTW... When all else fails use Mom's guilt!! It always works! LOL always I was successful in bringing the family together for yet another birthday! I know you are probably thinking, "So what does Josiah have to do with this post? Get on with the story woman!" We try and do something fun with each get together. This weekend we played UNO. It is a wonderful card game that requires alot of yelling in order to win. Guess what? I won 1 game:) Tee Hee! But...this woman here won 2!!! The young woman is my sons girlfriend Abby. She was actually brave enough to enter our loud, crazy and out of control home. Children were running everywhere!! I had to laugh to myself as I heard Josiah whisper to Abby, "My family..yeah..well it can be crazy around here..." What he really meant was, "Say the word and we are out of here!" LOL Abby stayed and we all had a blast! She is awesome and welcome into our home anytime:)
Here is Josiah, Abby, and Smiggen (the dog). BTW again..Savannah told me how to spell the dogs name:) Stay tuned for Nicoles birthday party in the next post!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, here it comes...they look like a great couple. And he looks like his head is firmly attached to his shoulders...he'll be fine mom!
Surprisingly, the new bed has given me a wicked headache today. I am lying low...really low.
Just remember, we have you in our, tomorrow - always!
Call me if you need to...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nicole!! Nice to finally see you Abby! Say Hi to Josiah for me! You are a really cute couple! Love you all Diane

Unknown said...

Ha ha! I was wondering when those would be plastered on the internet! Good news... I finally have a readable blog for you to go to... and for me to leave comments with. I need to call you later... we got an interview Monday that we gotta talk about!

Diana Joy said...

for what it's worth!
Hi chic!
I'm glad you finally got your bed! Someday I will have to see it! Hint! Hint! LOL
Thanks for your prayers:)
luv ya hon!
(((BIG HUG)))

Diana Joy said...

Hi Abby!!!
I love your new blog! Although...I must admit I am dying to find the other harm in trying...hahaha
I'm going to be at work until 430...Feel free to call me afterwards:) Don't forget...I turn my phone off while I'm at work:)
Sound like you've been busy! BTW I will definitely help you with the interview;) Good luck with your day!!
Luv ya kiddo!!
BTW again!!
Everyone check out Abby's blog!!
it's here i am...rock you like a hurricane....