Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm not going to post again today because another blogger is in need of some MEGA LOVE!!!

It is three a.m. and I can't sleep. When ever that happens I know God is either asking me to deal with something or a friend is hurting....Well in this case my friend is hurting. It is Today, I would like you to read a portion of her post and run right over to her blog and finish reading it. Life is sooo hard at times and I believe blogging is a way of helping people in time of need. My friend needs all of you!!! Please show her who bloggers really are and be there for her and her hubby right now!!! Here is a portion of her post from last night: I have had a lot of Black-heart days lately. The summer heat has given way to the dullness and chill of fall. My constant companions from the lazy days of summer have gone back to school. This ongoing wait for my surgery has taken all that I am. The pain that has become my companion is unwelcome yet ever-present. Missing the newness and eager anticipation of the school year has seeped into my heart. Being at home, without children has left me as an outsider; mom's groups and Church groups facilitate for moms and tots..not moms and nots.It's a frustrating feeling. And I take it day by day. But unlike depression, where one can not see an end, I know that this situation, this feeling is temporary. So why the post? I am looking for help. My resources for R&R are tapped out.What do you do? On the days when you would rather climb under a rock, how do you get yourself on top of the rock again? What music do you listen to, who do you call, what do you wear, where do you go, what do you watch? I would love to hear what others do to break the blues. I'm not going to post today because another blogger needs you pass on by is now time to reach out to my friend....Remember, remind her that bloggers WILL be there when times are tough. DAY OR NIGHT!! I'm sending you a big hug S!!! Love ya tons and I am praying that this helps....also, remember all you have to do is call;)

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