Monday, July 10, 2006


I just wanted a cute pictures!! But noooo! Tory Joy, Gabe, and Savannah had to "Dog Pile" me. For those people who do not know what "Dog Pile" means.. let me fill you in:) One member of the family yells "DOG PILE" then the rest of the family piles on top of the chosen person! LOL This last week it was me:) LOL Then Tory Joy was determined I was not going to get up!

Look how helpless I am... I'm not sure why Victoria stuck her finger in my mouth... She's lucky she still has all of her fingers!! LOL


Crazy in Colorado said...

OH Diana - that looks like so much fun!!! I hope you had a blast!!!

(((BIG HUG)))

Diana Joy said...

yep! It was so much fun! God gift to a woman is grandchildren!! LOL You can play with them and spoil them and send them back when they get difficult! LOL
miss yah!

Anonymous said...

Hi you!
I left you a wee note on my blog..check it out!
You know what I enjoy so much on your blog???? I love to see the absolute "Joy" on the face of your children/grandchildren and you.
Your love for each other is obvious!!!
God Bless!

TOW Blog said...

how can you have 8 children and 5 grand kids? you look gorgeous and happy! way to go! i am so inspired!

Diana Joy said...

minotte's notes,
Thanks for the compliments.
We had a family get together today and there were ssooo many children everywhere! I loved it:)
Sooo many blessings:)
Keep up the good blogging...
I look forward to reading more:)

Diana Joy said...

I miss your blogging:)
Let's chat!